About us

We are different

ANOTHER TREND was born with the ambition to respond to all those who are looking for new trends, who want to challenge the status quo and who are looking for an original style. Another Trend is a style that anticipates new fashion. We are not fast fashion, we are not just another sneaker brand, we are a style that lasts over time and accompanies you at every step. Walking is not the same as enjoying every step.

Walk ≠ enjoy every single step.

We want to be part of your journey.

Our History

The team at Another Trend came together guided by our common passions: passion for fashion and design, passion for marketing and passion for technology, but above all passion for people and their stories. We had a common vision, we identified an opportunity and we went for it.

We are a team in which experience in the footwear industry comes together with a passion for telling stories and digital marketing. We were born in 2022 in Spain, a year with a special energy to start this new project.

Our Products

Designed in Spain and made in Spain and Portugal, our sneakers are 100% European made. We believe in this model because we want to be close to our manufacturers to take care of every single detail.

We only use high quality materials, mixing the most innovative manufacturing techniques with the hand made traditional methods, taking care of every single detail. Our soles are made of recycle materials, giving a second life to the left overs of other materials.

We obviously know and acknowledge that this is not enough and that we are not perfect, but we are trying our best to take care of the environment.